FAQ Frequently Asked Questions


When do your barbering courses commence?
There are no start dates. Unlike colleges and further education centres etc, we don’t work to the academic year. As part of our ‘Flexible Learning’ we offer our clients the opportunity to start at any time.

What are the learning hours & days?
We don’t have fixed learning schedules, we offer Students the option of specifying when they want to train, around their availability. This means they can train & learn for up to 5 days a week (Tues-Sat), including late evenings on Thursdays.

How long do barbering courses run for?
Unlike colleges etc we don’t ‘timetable’ learning, students learn at their own pace and our NVQ barbering courses are based largely on ‘Guided Learning Hours’ which specify the minimum hours per unit. Because students can learn up to 5 days a week, the course duration is determined by the chosen learning schedule. As a guideline, a student could pass the course in approximately 45 weeks if training 1 full day a week, much shorter if they were attending 5 or even 6 days a week.

Do I need to take any test before starting a course?
At the Centre Manager’s discretion, it may be necessary to undertake a basic literacy & numeracy test to confirm your suitability to a barbering course, this will identify any additional tutoring that may be required.

I am dyslexic – how will this affect my chosen course?
Additional resources and tutoring are provided to students with dyslexia, so please let us know prior to your course commencing.

How can I spread the cost of the barbering course?
In addition to paying in full prior to your course commencing, we offer Clients the opportunity to pay a deposit followed by weekly, monthly or quarterly payments.

Do I need to purchase any equipment?
You will need to have specific items that form your kit (a list will be provided at the start of your course), you can purchase them from retailers or we stock many items at cost price.